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Restarting Strong

Quick note: We’ve been gone for a long time.  It was always out intent to have a site that was dedicated to providing everyone with some free content that could help them push their careers in the digital marketing space.  We failed.  Business picked up, and this project was relegated to the way, way, way, way, way back burner.  No more.

Our goal is to once again provide that quality content that will help those looking for information on all things digital marketing, though we will emphasize SEO and web design.  We will do our best to actually keep up with it all this time, but please don’t be upset if we don’t get new content out every day… or even every week.  We still have our clients we need to attend to.

We apologize for not living up to our own goals, but hopefully we can win you over with what we have planned.

Until then!

PS.  We do plan on updating our (lack of) content from years ago, but we do want to have something on the site for the time being.  That’s why there’s a large content gap between then and now.

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Is Mobile Marketing The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is Mobile Marketing The Right Choice For Your Business?

If you wish to buckle down with your businesses marketing options and also actually put your business in the field for consumer representation, then you should want to think about mobile advertising and marketing. If the idea of mobile marketing has never crossed your mind or is a kind of advertising and marketing you do not totally comprehend, this post will certainly help you figure it out.

First and foremost, do not send your messages all the time or just any given time. People don’t like getting a message from you in the middle of the evening. You would be best advised to either split your advertisements based off of time zone or you will want to send during hours that would be at an agreeable time of day for all who are receiving the message. If possible, avoid sending messages during vacations, except if it is relevant to your project.

Be sure to let the recipient understand who you are and what you are offering right up front. If they take the time to research both you and what you are offering and things don’t align, there is a good chance that you will lose them as a possible customer immediately.

As an internet marketing expert, you need to comprehend one factor about the business: Mobile advertising and marketing isn’t simply an option, it is, in fact, a need. Mobile apps have seen over 200% growth over the last few years, making this sector one of the fastest-growing avenues. You need to consider going mobile if you haven’t done so already.

Mobile marketing provides a wonderful opportunity for you to offer up a vast selection of discount rates and other details about your company, so you should utilize this format to make certain you’re constantly offering deals and bargains that will attract your potential clients.

When sending messages, stick to standard English. Avoid emojis, internet short-hand, and using ALL CAPS. Doing so will make you have a less than professional appearance in the eyes of your customers, which is the last thing you wish to do when you are selling products and services.

Do not concentrate on mobile advertising and marketing as your only means of advertising and marketing. It could be an alluring facet to focus on mobile advertising, but keep in mind that it is just one branch of your advertising efforts. Remember to make use of all avenues of marketing open to you to develop the greatest company you possibly can.

Concentrate on a brand-new type of search engine optimization (SEO) for your mobile advertising project. SEO in the mobile market really concentrates primarily on utilizing one internet search engine and also highlights your place more than routine SEO. The majority of what you learn about SEO stays unchanged; however, there are several new elements you need to understand when it comes to mobile websites.

Integrate your geo-location mobile advertising with your social media sites to give your customers a full image of your company. By using company pages on social network websites, you can give even more info such as hours of operation or upcoming sales to customers signing in or following your page. With the growth of social networks, integrating this system with your mobile marketing campaign could bring about considerable benefits to your business.

By making use of the suggestions and pointers in this post, you will certainly be able to begin or enhance your mobile advertising strategies. It is the objective of every company owner to see their company grow. Mobile marketing might be exactly what your company needs.

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What Is Search Engine Marketing All About?

What Is Search Engine Marketing Everything about?

Basically, the function of search engine marketing is to increase the placement of a website or websites within the online search engine result web pages. Nonetheless, internet search engine marketing is much more complicated than the interpretation provides it credit history for being. Actually, internet search engine advertising incorporates a variety of approaches and also methods, which include:

SEO: SEO (or search engine optimization as it is typically called) is the process of boosting a website’s search engine position for various search phrases. This is normally done by working on a mix of on-page and also off-page elements. On-page search engine optimization elements include traits such as meta tags, title tags, H1, H2, and also H3 tags, keyword densities, and inter-connecting of pages. Off-page SEO usually describes getting links from top quality internet directory sites and pertinent, trusted websites. A huge part of off-page SEO is getting external web links that have anchor text that includes the preferred key phrases.

Pay Per Click Advertising: PPC advertising has gotten a substantial amount of appeal over the last few years. PPC marketing allows you to offer your website in specified areas of search engines (for example, the top of Google) or on an appropriate website (for instance, a website that relates to yours that presents Google AdSense advertisement units). Each time your listing is clicked, you pay the amount that you had bid on. A PPC project can be an exceptional method to establish your brand name and/or draw a substantial quantity of website traffic. This is especially true for brand-new sites which have actually not been around long enough to accomplish solid natural search engine positions.

Social Network Optimization: Of the 3 online search engine marketing methods, social media site optimization is without a doubt the latest SEM technique. Social network optimization refers to making use of social media sites such as Digg and Reddit to acquire valuable web traffic and backlinks. The term click bait refers directly to the practice of developing content, especially for social media websites.

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Why Is Search Engine Marketing So Effective?

Why Is Internet search engine Marketing So Effective?

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a pooling of different online marketing approaches to increase web traffic flow to a site.  It is a blanket term which includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), pay-per-click advertising and marketing, as well as paid inclusion into the search engines.

Yet why is SEM so effective? A great SEM campaign could greatly increase your web site’s website traffic and also increase sales, more so than other advertising campaigns. So why does it function so well?

The answer is selection. SEM makes use of several strategies, rather than relying upon simply one. SMO “gets the word out” to whole communities of people who may be interested in your services and products. Pay-per-click advertising functions just like standard advertising and marketing, positioning your ads on the displays of hundreds otherwise thousands of individuals across the internet. Paid inclusion on the search engines ensures that internet search engine get around to assessing and also listing your web site in a timely style. And Search Engine Optimization makes certain that your site’s META tags, keyword content, and backlink profiles all collaborate to ensure that your website ranks as high as possible on claimed search engines.

Basically, where your typical advertising and marketing project may target just one or 2 towns, good SEM covers the complete range of advertising opportunities.

Be sure that before spending for SEM that you recognize what the business is supplying. An excellent SEM solution will certainly inform you in advance which of these solutions it supplies as well as how much it costs to run them. Some SEM companies concentrate on just one or two aspects of online marketing, such as search engine marketing or social media management. Others supply specific solutions for small cost; however, they may charge you a greater amount to incorporate all aspects of SEM in one campaign. There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying an SEM company to do purely SEO or purely email marketing, but you should understand in advance that that’s all the company intends to do, and anything more will set you back more.

SEM works because it deals with the all-natural patterns of web traffic on the web. It maximizes ads, search engine appearance, and through word of mouth via social media. A good SEM business knows the best ways to utilize each  outlet of marketing to its finest advantage, and your company grows as a result of it. That’s the real trick of SEM; recognizing the best ways to collaborate with the web, rather than antagonizing it.

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is, in it’s simplest form, a method to help search engines rank your site appropriately in the search results for search terms based on a myriad of factors, both on-site and off-site.  Unfortunately, there are many SEO companies and “experts” who make bold promises and often fail to uphold them.  This has left many business owners wary of accepting SEO as a useful form of marketing.

When SEO is done properly, any business could see an impact.  This could result in more phone calls, new customers/clients, and even increased revenues.  However, when SEO is not done properly, these businesses hopefully won’t see a change, though at times, poor SEO could harm a website’s rankings overall.

There are no tricks to good SEO.  The search engines (most notably Google) have incredibly complex algorithms that they use to determine where a site should rank and for what terms.  There are many people out there that try to trick or game the system, but ultimately, they end up losing out.  If you’re going to look into SEO for your business, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and align yourself with a reputable company if you decide to hire an outside firm.

There are two ways to have your site appear at the top of the search results: paid advertising and organic.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the quickest way to get your website to the top of the search results.  Of course, you will be paying for that space.

As you can see on the picture on the right, your paid advertisement will be displayed with a yellow box (on Google) that clearly states “Ad” to inform the user that you have paid for your site to be there.  You might think that’s not a bad thing; however, paid advertising doesn’t get the amount of attention or clicks that organic results get.  Whether it’s a psychological thing where people are aware and sick of being bombarded with advertisements where ever they go online, there aren’t enough searches for your product or service every month, or any number of other factors, having your site in a paid advertisement spot does not necessarily guarantee any results.

Most paid advertising is also synonymous with pay-per-click (PPC).  This can be a major benefit if you are trying to utilize paid advertising and you are mostly just interested in having your site recognized as a result for specific terms.  What PPC means is you only pay when ever someone clicks on your advertisement.

What you pay per click will depend on your business, the average search volume for your products and services, and the competition.  There are some terms that could end up costing you $50 or more every time someone clicks on your ad.  There are other terms that might cost you less than $0.25.  Prior to deciding on whether or not you want to have your site prominently displayed in paid advertising, you need to determine what your budget is and what your cost per click will be.


Organic SEO focuses on getting your site to rank high without appearing in the paid advertising area.  The higher your site ranks, typically, the more traffic it will see.

To understand why it’s important to rank in organic search results, you need to go read this article to get a full understanding.  The short version, however, is that the top organic result earns the most clicks per search at over 30% with a steep drop to 14% for the 2nd result.  Once you’re outside the top 5, your sharing less than 5% of all clicks.  The second page of results is about equal to being in spots 6-10 on page 1, and after page 2, you would be likely to get 1% of all clicks.  Top results are valuable for any company, and finding your business there can make a huge difference in the business that you do.

To understand how to get started with getting your business there, you should start by understanding what the organic results are.

The image on the left here depicts what is known as the organic search results.  These results are ordered based on many factors that all start with your site.

To begin with, the information that you see in the search results are: the page title in blue (at the top of each result), the url (page addres) in green, and the page description in standard text.  These three factors play the most important part in helping the search engines determine what your site is trying to rank for.

For instance, if you are trying to rank for buffalo dentist, you would want to ensure that Buffalo and dentist appear somewhere within at least one of those 3 areas.  You do have to be careful, though.  Google is very serious about cracking down on sites trying to manipulate the system.  As such, over-optimizing your title, url, and description by using the same terms over and over can cause your site to be hit with a penalty causing your site to lose rank.

There are several other on-site factors that can help your site rank for specific terms.  The actual layout of your site in utilizing heading tags can certainly help.  Any pictures you use should have “alt text” to help the search engines recognize what the picture is of.  Adding relevant videos can also help.  There is a lot that goes in to on-site optimization.

The off-site portion of SEO involves any number of proven strategies.  There have been books written and seminars held that go over single strategies.  The only strategy you should be willing to perform yourself is something you should already be doing: social media.

A good start to any off-site SEO is having active social media.  With millions upon millions of people utilizing social media on a daily basis, it’s one place you want to make sure your business is found.  Social media is a strong indicator of what’s hot in the world, and with the right social media presence and campaign, you could do yourself a huge favor in helping your site to rank.

If, however, social media does not appear to be moving your site along, you may need to invest in other forms of off-site SEO.  When it comes to this, it’s best to locate and hire an SEO company or expert that can best help your business.

SEO isn’t any form of trickery or magic.  It’s a set standard that abides by a set of rules governed by the search engines.  What you need to keep in mind is that what ranks today won’t necessarily rank tomorrow.

If you are planning on trying to help your business by investing in SEO, you should certainly consider hiring and SEO company.  There are many obstacles and pitfalls in the SEO world, and often, SEO is a full-time job.  Of course, do your research prior to hiring anyone, but also keep an open mind.  There are many great SEO companies and experts despite there being many that are not.

Regardless of where you are, the best place to start in looking for an SEO company is within the search engines.  All you need to do is head over to Google and type in seo expert san antonio or tacoma seo, obviously replacing the city with your city.  Those results that appear at the top of the results are obviously capable enough to get their own sites ranked, so they should be capable of helping get your site ranked.

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