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Restarting Strong

Quick note: We’ve been gone for a long time.  It was always out intent to have a site that was dedicated to providing everyone with some free content that could help them push their careers in the digital marketing space.  We failed.  Business picked up, and this project was relegated to the way, way, way, way, way back burner.  No more.

Our goal is to once again provide that quality content that will help those looking for information on all things digital marketing, though we will emphasize SEO and web design.  We will do our best to actually keep up with it all this time, but please don’t be upset if we don’t get new content out every day… or even every week.  We still have our clients we need to attend to.

We apologize for not living up to our own goals, but hopefully we can win you over with what we have planned.

Until then!

PS.  We do plan on updating our (lack of) content from years ago, but we do want to have something on the site for the time being.  That’s why there’s a large content gap between then and now.

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